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The Schoolhouse Theater 

Production History











2023 Season

Red Cover.pdf.jpg

Winner of 9 BroadwayWorld Awards
including Best Play

2019 Season

Regional Premiere

Westchester Premiere
Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 9.51.08 AM.jpg
SH final-Gladstone Hollow program  (drag
SH - The Amish Project program  3-3x2 (d
SH 2019-This Wonderful life Program 1 (d

World Premiere

World Premiere

Regional Premiere

2018 Season

2017 Season

The Mask of the Jaguar King--PLAYBILL REVISE LIGHTER .jpg
PDF 5 --Love LInda program-- (dragged).j

Moved to Triad Theater, New York City

SH- Axiel Himilo program 1 (dragged).jpg

World Premiere

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