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September 6 - September 22


Fridays @ 7pm

Saturdays @ 3pm and 7pm

Sundays @ 3pm and 7pm

Will DeVary
Alvin Keith

A compelling drama of South African apartheid and a universal coming-of-age story, from "the greatest active playwright in the English-speaking world" (Time).

Originally produced in 1982, "Master Harold and the Boys" is now an acknowledged classic of the stage, whose themes of injustice, racism, friendship, and reconciliation traverse borders and time.

"An exhilarating play! A triumph of playmaking: unforgettable!"

- New York Post

"Mr. Fugard's drama - lyrical in design, shattering in impact - lifts us all the way from pain to hope because Mr. Fugard insists that that ending can be - must be - ours to write."

- New York Times

“Deeply moving and powerful... [with an] emotionally devastating conclusion.”

- Hollywood Reporter

Hally: But is that the best we can do, six finalists dreaming about the way it should be?
Sam: I don't know. But it starts with that. Without the dream, we won't know what we're going for.
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