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December 6 - December 22


Fridays @ 7pm

Saturdays @ 3pm and 7pm

Sundays @ 3pm and 7pm

Michael Daly
Elisabeth S. Rodgers
Victor Slezak

In this haunting play, which The Guardian called “Brian Friel's masterpiece,” a healer named Frank Hardy offers the promise of redemption to the sick and the suffering in the forgotten corners of the British Isles. But his is an unreliable gift, a dangerous calling which brings him into conflict with his wife Grace and his manager Teddy.

“The writing is beautiful, supple, rhythmical, charged with the slow, sure throb of despair and enchantment... Brian Friel is the most profound and poetic of contemporary Irish dramatists.”

– The Observer

“The night of Faith Healer is one that still blazes in recollection for me, as religious experiences of art do. And it became a sort of touchstone for me in understanding not only Mr. Friel's work with a depth I hadn't appreciated before but also for defining the elusiveness of great art and the pain of the artist who creates it.”

– Ben Brantley, The New York Times

Frank: Those were nights of exultation...not that I was doing good, but because I knew that for those few hours I had become whole in myself, and perfect in myself, and in a manner of speaking, an aristocrat, if the term doesn't offend you.
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