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May 24 - June 9


Fridays @ 7pm

Saturdays @ 3pm and 7pm

Sundays @ 3pm and 7pm

Anthony Arkin
Amelia Campbell
Tim Jerome
Karen Ziemba

Marie is smart and knows it. Why not? She’s been a star all her life. Sophisticated, but not jaded, and comfortable in her “Golden” years in Westchester. Now? Cody (that charmer) wants her for his famous theater’s A-list benefit? And omygosh something’s wrong with the plumbing? Maybe that handsome Hungarian with those flirty grey eyes and his irresistible dog Sanchez can brighten up the day?


WHAT KEEPS US GOING: Barbara Dana’s hilarious and warm new comedy directed by the one and only Austin Pendleton, starring Tony Award winning Karen Ziemba (Contact), Tony-nominated Tim Jerome (Me and my Girl), Tony-nominated Amelia Campbell (Our Country’s Good), and “Tony” Anthony Arkin (Succession)!


A world premiere, a powerhouse cast, and a real live dog! Where? The Schoolhouse Theater of course. Winner of Nine Broadway World Awards including Favorite Local Theater. Come see us at the “Venerable Schoolhouse” (New York Times)!


This will be a sell-out (Do not miss)!

Marie: Acting is being there! Words coming out

because they have to, because it’s what the character needs to express, not standing around waiting to be told what to say!

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